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What this interview with one of our paid media agencies who generated over £2,000 of sales from a single influencer ad within weeks. To give you some idea, that was a modest return-on-investment of £6.71 for every £1 spent on Facebook & Instagram 🚀

We produce influencer content and manage social media ads to rapidly scale your local or online business.


Traditional advertising has always been dominated by major brands.


Most companies are set up for high-quality content and low volume.


In the age of social media, there are now so many different platforms and formats to keep up with.


We all know the power of testing as entrepreneurs. But to test you need data and customers, or in this age – content.


How do you keep up with an ever-increasing demand for content?


What’s your solution to this building pressure?


With Social Plug we’re enabling both local and online brands to create content and reach millions of people in a couple of clicks.


Social has completely democratised traditional media, and we believe the future is to market through people not at them.


Producing and publishing content to audiences that aren’t responsive to your content is not only costing you time and money but also slowing down your potential to scale.


If you still don’t know how many sales are attributed to the content you are publishing on Social Media then you need to chat with us.

The Social Plug Team